The following are verbatim reviews from people who have chosen Poodlepassion.  


Only a few hours after I delivered little Shaolin to the loving arms of his new caretaker, Angelia, she sent me these adorable pictures and added: "Just wanted to update you on how Shaolin did on his first night home. He did great! He is already doing so well at going potty on the puppy pad in his play pen. And he slept so well in his crate. We have his crate open and connected to his play pen so he could be comfortable getting used to his new spot. At first, he slept right outside his open crate and then by 10pm, he walked right into his crate and fell fast asleep. He woke up once at 3am to drink water and pee on the puppy pad, then he started to cry for us. So we just sat next to his play pen until he went back to sleep, then he slept until about 730 this morning. We love him so much and he’s such a good boy already! We just want to thank you so much for letting us have him in our lives."


La Monica from Phoenix, Arizona, wrote this: "Hello Ms. Valarie, Wanted to share an update with you on my baby. He has brought so much joy and peace to my life as well as my Dranny baby. Also I was able to get him kennel trained and it took less than a week. Thank you for trusting me with him"


Mandy flew in from Texas to pick up her puppy, Baron. She e-mailed me to say: "Of course, our little man was turning heads at the airport. Such a cutie! We came home with Baron on Father's Day, and my dad instantly fell in love! They love playing together!

In his first week, Baron passed his first vet exam with flying colors! Our vet raved about what an amazing breeder we must have! "He is beautiful!" "So well socialized" "This is the cleanest puppy I have ever seen" Everyone at the vet office looooves Baron! Baron met my sister at the airport when she came home from Argentina 1 week after we brought him home. It was so sweet to watch them meet each other for the first time! After 1,000 kisses, he fell right asleep in her arms. We all went out to eat after, and he slept cradled on his back in my arms the whole time. Such a sweet heart! 

We just cannot get over how smart Baron is! He had already learned the "potty" command after just days of having him home! Being the only puppy in the house now, Baron has definitely found his little personality! He loves to play with his toys, explore his house, give kisses, and roll around in the grass. He is already very spoiled - He knows to bring his chew toys to us, and we will hold it while he chews. Thank your for raising such a wonderful little boy! We love Baron so much!"


Masa of Chula Vista e-mailed: "We're fortunate to have Ribbon here. My daughter loves him! He is very active and has a sweet temperament. He sticks around us and cuddles up to us on the sofa. When kids in the neighborhood come to us, he cavorts with them in our backyard. When we take him for a walk, some people turn around and say "beautiful dog!" Moreover, a person asked "can I take a photo?"
When someone is interested in toy poodle, I refer them to your website."


Steve's family from Colorado sent me the following: "We had Wilbur with Steve's family over Thanksgiving and he was so wonderful! He handled flying like a champ and he was amazing with the family and adjusting both to our parent's house and a visit to NYC! I honestly could hardly even believe how incredible his behavior was. We have a 14 month old nephew that Wilbur was so good with and I wanted to share a photo with you. They were immediate friends. Thanks again for this wonderful little dog. We just could not love him any more!!!"


Kim from Fallbrook sent me some pictures and wrote: "Buying Buddy from you was a wonderful experience! Getting photos and a video as he grew was great! Calling him by his name was also really cool. Slowly bur surely he is giving Raven more space and Raven is warming up to him." (Kim sent me a followup on Buddy - scroll down.).


Two years later, Kim wrote to me: "Hi Valerie! I thought I would send you this picture of me and my sweet Buddy and my other poodle Raven. It's Buddy's birthday today. He is so healthy and sweet. When my older poodle Raven was 2 she had a luxating patella and several ear infections etc. and now she just had to have the lens in her left eye removed. So she has had so many issues. But "knock on wood" Buddy has not had one issue!! He is like a gazelle- I wish I could afford agility training! Anyway Buddy is just so beautiful and sweet and healthy!! Thank you!" I love what your teeshirt says, Kim! 


This is what Marie from Connecticut wrote after I hand-carried her puppy inside an airlines cabin and delivered her into her arms across the country. "Our experience with Zoe-Rose has been amazing! Valerie is wonderful, personable and trustworthy. She is ready to answer all your Poodle questions and raises beautiful, content and show-worthy pups! Zoe is feisty and funny and loves to play ... she has no problem holding her own with large dogs and large crowds of people. I saw another poodle in town the same size and color Zoe will be in a year and the difference between them was extreme. That poodle was from a breeder that breeds for store chains and her legs and nose were short and she had parasites when she was brought home. Valerie's poodles truly are show dog ready! Thanks Valerie! We are so blessed to have found Valerie and Zoe-Rose!"


Karen from Carlsbad chose one of the puppies who was featured on the TV show, Too Cute. He was the poodle pictured at the end of the show riding atop a boogie board in the water (pic below). This is what Karen wrote: "My little white poodle died, and I wanted something different but same breed, thus I kept going back to this web site, POODLEPASSION. WOW! We drove to Val's home, no easy task, GPS useless, but an adventure! Remember I was only going to look! What a joke! Six red poodle babies assaulted me, I wanted all of them, have never had such a wonderful experience, I was the first person to see this new litter, so I got first choice. The one I picked in person is not the one I favored on web site, but I bonded with Kona. I got the best. Kona & I travel between Ca. and Ha. He loves the water & soon I will have him with me on my standup paddle board in Hawaii! Val is a treasure. Her animals are her life, the care, breeding and love she has for her "kids" is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a puppy born in a hands on atmosphere of quality & love." 

"Once I stumbled upon Valerie’s Poodle Passion website I was already sold. Just could not stop watching the videos she posts of her interacting with her gorgeous puppies and their parents. All you need to do is watch these playful, loving videos and visit her home to see what she puts into the raising of her pups. We brought home Rene and the rest is just a fairy tale. My cream boy is the most beautiful, intelligent, happy, healthy little guy and the sunshine of our home. Thanks Valerie for our treasured Rene."


Here is Andrea picking up her puppy at the air cargo counter in an airport in Maryland. A year later she tells me "Pippi is amazing!! She's the cutest little girl, smart and funny! She just wants to be held 24 hours a day!!"


"Dear Valerie, Just a note of thanks to show our gratitude for Coco.  She is such a beauty and is such an amazing partner for Prince Charming!  Please let us know if you're planning on coming to LA so we can have you over for dinner."  XOXO, Alberti and Bret, Los Angeles, CA


 "After a year of searching for my little dogs, I decided to buy them from Valerie because I knew that the pups came from a very reputable line and Valerie was so personable and easy to work with. Her dogs seem to have the most beautiful faces and eyes, as well as the softest hair. I fell in love with my dogs when I saw pictures of them on the Internet. They fill my life with love." -- Kim S., Prescott, AZ   Kim will also be adopting one of my retired females to replace her beloved Mimi.

John Doe


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


"We just wanted to send you some pictures of our little Sky (from 4/8/18 litter of Red and Jillaroo). He is simply magical!  We love him to the core!  He remains extremely loving, sweet, smart and playful!  He has already been on a two week camping and road trip all the way to Jasper Canada and back with many stops along the way. He excels at everything!  We couldn’t be happier with him. Thank you!"  Brian Fuller and Gretchen Schafer, Show Low, Arizona


Kim Nye (her other reviews are above) sent me a followup on Buddy, who is now 4-1/2 years old:  "Hi Valerie! I wanted to send you an update on Buddy who is about 4 1/2 now. He is my little cuddle bear! I took him in for his annual shots last week. The vet was amazed that literally the only vet visits he has ever had has been for his annual shots. Being a purebred it is almost unheard of to be as healthy as he is! Thank you for your dedication to breeding healthy poodles! My poor Raven who I did not get from you now has cancer to add to her list of health problems. I am just so thankful that my sweet Buddy is so very healthy!!!"

from Bella the black poodle and Andrea T., Manhattan Beach, CA

"We are all very happy. Thank you just isn't enough to say. . . . but thanks for all you've done and who you are to me. Much, much love and licks."

Genny M, Arizona

"Thank you so much, and thank you again for bringing this wonderful puppy into my life. He is truly a blessing."

J. Harper, San Diego

"We are so happy with the two poodles we bought from you. You have such a sweet touch with your boys and girls, not to mention the sweet way you take care of your horses and their colts. There is a lot of love at your house. We were glad to see that you carefully planned for the puppy families, taking care of the present and future health of the mother as well. I think we have the two happiest and loving pooches ever and we thank you for your quick advice when we had a question or two. As the two youngers grow up we will keep you posted with pics of their growth and antics. We will be in touch."

Liz R, Poodle Breeder, Waterford, CA


Clark and Joanne M, Rancho S.F., CA

"A new bar was set with Valerie. She worked with my husband to meet his requirements, females, sisters, 4+ months old, great personalities and great lineage. Indeed, we are new "Mom and Dad" of the cutest, smartest, most personable toy poodles. Ruby and Brandy (sister's from Tiger) are gorgeous! "The quality of the poodles is superb. It was very easy to select and buy the dogs. No problems. The training and socialization that Valerie does with the pups makes your life very easy as they come to their new home. Very knowledgeable, very pleasant and a dream to deal with."

Destiny E., Beverly Hills, CA

"Valerie is very nice. She raises her poodles with care. She has a great selection of poodles, all with fun personalities. Valerie's prices are reasonable and the drive was well worth it, for our dear Halo. We knew this puppy would be perfect because his parents were remarkable. The puppy we bought from Valerie, Halo, is smart, very friendly with everyone but still protective, and he is beautifully proportioned. We couldn't be happier! Valerie made the transaction very easy and non-stressful. The environment is very animal friendly in a country setting. Thank you so much Valerie!"